Yes, I am for hire.


I am partner at getContext management consultants. I have many years of experience consulting companies – big and small – on various topics. These include:

  • IT-Strategy and Organization
  • Digital Transformation (from Offline DNA to Online DNA to Startup DNA)
  • Agile Management / Agile Enterprise / Agile Development
  • Lean Enterprise / Lean Startup / Entrepreneurial thinking / Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • Enterprise 2.0 / Collaboration / Future of work
  • Personal and Team Productivity
  • E-commerce: Attaining and Retaining Customers
  • Leadership / Change management / People Management


I also do speak at international conferences, renowned universities and for companies. Mainly I speak about the topics mentioned above. 

If you are interested to talk to me about any of these topics please send me an email to manuel [at] leanentrepreneur. com.

Publicly available slides to some of my talks:

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