Nice lessons learned: Beating competition by focusing on customer service

I like these kind of things. A guy building an Iphone App describes in his blog his lessons learned.

His first three main statements:

1. Get something out there for people to interact with and talk about (”Release Early”).
2. Understand people’s wellness requirements (”Listen to Your Customers” + “Iterate Often”).
3. Learn what we are good at and what we are crap at (”Fail Fast”).

What I even more like is his advice about customer service. Would be great if other companies would just do it a little bit like this:

This is our customer service approach:
1. Answer ALL emails and tweets.
2. Build a support site that is SEO’d and contains all the questions people ask (
3. Find our evangelists and love them.
4. Find our haters and love them more than our own mothers.
5. Do whatever it takes to fix a customer’s problem, even if that means meeting them to give them pre-release code!