Unlearn your MBA – DHH from 37signals speaks at Stanford about entrepreneurship

There are a few essentials of entrepreneurship. Stuff that every entrepreneur just needs to know. Most of which cannot be learned in college. That’s exactly what David Heinemeier Hansson, the creator of Ruby on Rails and partner at 37signals in Chicago, talks about in this speech. 

His main arguments are that entrepreneurship is about building a product and pleasing customers. Constraints – fiscal, temporal, or otherwise – he says are important for driving innovation and effective problem-solving. Also, he extensively argues that venture capital for software startups is a time bomb, a thought I don’t entirely agree with. However, his other thoughts like “planning is guessing” or the “focus should be on today” rather then tomorrow are really essential.

Overall, I like his thoughts and his approach on entrepreneurship. The most important thing, Hansson believes, is to make a dent in the universe with your company. And that – to me – is what entrepreneurship is all about.