Morten Lund on the life of an entrepreneur

In this speech Morten Lund – Danish entrepreneur and seed investor – speaks about his life as an entrepreneur. It has been a rocky ride with the very successful exit with Skype in 2003 and his bankruptcy in 2009.

Driven by the will to create new ventures, Morten Lund has co-founded more than 50 high-tech start-ups in the most varied industries, ranging from Internet, health and travel to alternative energy.

In 2003, he invested in his so far most successful project: the online communication software Skype which has over 500 million users today.

Not averse of taking risks, Morten Lund bought the heavily indebted Danish free daily newspaper Nyhedsavisen in 2006, with the ambitious goal of making it profitable again. Despite of the newspaper becoming the most read in Denmark, the project failed and he had to declare bankruptcy in early 2009.