One more thing by Steve Jobs


Nice collection of the infamous “One more thing” moments from Apples keynotes by Steve Jobs. 🙂

Some of the products which were revealed as “But there’s one more thing…” (taken from Wikipedia):

  • The AirPort base station and AirPort card after the iBook was introduced in Macworld Expo 1999
  • The PowerBook G4
  • The PowerMac G5 at WWDC 2003.
  • The fifth generation iPod with video, announced at a press conference self-referentially titled “One more thing…”
  • The MacBook Pro (at Macworld Expo 2006).
  • The iPod Shuffle
  • Introduction of selling movies via the iTunes Store in September 2006; a second “One more thing” in the same presentation also unveiled an upcoming product dubbed iTV (renamed to Apple TV at Macworld 2007). A third “One More Thing” was the lead-in to introduce a live performance of the song “Waiting for the World to Change” by John Mayer at the conclusion of the presentation.
  • Introduction of Safari for Windows beta
  • The iPod touch
  • The MacBook Air
  • The wireless version of the iTunes Store on the iPod touch and iPhone
  • The new MacBook was introduced in October 2008 after the new MacBook Pro was introduced.
  • Though Steve Jobs did not present his Macworld 2009 keynote, Phil Schiller introduced the DRM free iTunes Music Store as a “one last thing”.
  • The announcement of a video camera and speaker in the fifth generation iPod Nano at the Apple Music Event in September 2009
  • FaceTime video calling for the iPhone 4 at WWDC 2010
  • A revised Apple TV
  • A revised MacBook Air in October 2010
  • The iTunes Match service at WWDC 2011