Try scrum to manage your todos and get things done

Many companies are starting to adapt agile methods to manage their (software) projects. Here is an interesting approach about using scrum principles to manage your personal life.

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To-Do Scrum
  • Each day is a Sprint
  • To-Do items not due today form the Product Backlog
  • To-Do items due today form the Sprint Backlog
  • Completed To-Do items are considered Done
  • Overdue To-Do items are considered Failed Items and are re-prioritised
  • Each morning take 10-15 minutes to do Sprint Planning
  • Each evening take 10-15 minutes to do Sprint Review & Retrospective
  • When completing a To-Do item take 5 minutes to do Stand Up
I’m also trying out the Pomodoro Technique to help reduce the multi-tasking and focus on single tasks in contiguous blocks. Not sure how comfortable I am with this yet – bit apprehensive about potentially excessive routine which could reduce flexibility. Probably just need to practice it a bit more and find the balance that works for me.