Notes: The basics of Enterprise 2.0

The Enterprise 2.0 vision implies that organizations are benefiting from new tools and behaviors inspired by new ways we create and share information using social-channels and emergent platforms. You could also say: Enterprise 2.0 is the evolution from Communication to Conversation to Collaboration on an Enterprise-wide scale.

Some guidelines

  • Enterprise 2.0 is not about the tools, its about the culture
  • Enterprise 2.0 can have a profound impact on the organization, HR should be included quite early.
  • Enterprise 2.0 is really about the conversation, not the medium.
  • Every company is different: Not all companies have the same evolution, the same needs, or the vision for their 2.0

4 mindsets that can help implement Enterprise 2.0

  • credibility
  • authenticity
  • decentralization
  • openness

Best practices are:

  • agile implementation – it is a dynamic process
  • employees as ambassadors on the web
  • openness is the rule: closed areas only by request
  • executive and employee blogs
  • comments allowed
to be continued…