“Employees should choose their own salary” – thoughts on corporate culture

On Friday, during likemind CGN, I had an interesting discussion with a couple of guys. We started off, talking about the future of recruiting and soon had a controversial debate on corporate culture and new styles of work. Both topics I find hugely interesting.

Not only have I worked as a management consultant with corporations on enterprise 2.0 and change management topics. As an entrepreneur I have a huge impact on the corporate culture at talential.com myself. We are a decentralized – almost virtual – company, thus making it essential to establish new working styles, rules of interaction and cultural values.

I will try to post more about these subjects in the next months. Some of my most controversial arguments were

  • fire (all) your managers
  • employees should select their boss (aka “leadership is defined by followership”)
  • employees should choose their own salary
  • job titles are toxic
Some more topics we didn’t have the chance to go into detail are
  • virtual teams are more productive (aka “why each employee should have his own room”)
  • trust is more important than control
  • the illusion of growth
  • planning is overrated (aka “nobody has a clue”)
  • hire lazy employees
  • perfection is the enemy (aka “good is good enough”)
  • money is not a good motivator
  • a business plan is worthless
I have to

see if I will write about these topics in German or English. I might even open up a new blog. Stay tuned…